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Omega Pilzno in numbers

own fleet vehicles
LNG tractor units , the biggest ecological fleet in PL
M2 of warehouse space
experienced employees
years of experience

At Omega Pilzno, we have been handling complex logistics processes on a global scale for over 30 years now. By choosing to cooperate with us, you can focus on developing your business. We solve every problem at all stages of the flow of goods in your company. By providing comprehensive logistics services, we facilitate effective inventory management and increase flexibility in the supply chain.

The road transport offer is a full spectrum of possibilities. A diverse fleet of over 700 vehicles transports goods throughout Europe, Turkey and China.

We have the largest ecological fleet of LNG tractors in Poland, which is part of the company’s broader concept of building ecological solutions.

The warehouse logistics offer is tailored to the products and specificity of the processes in the customer’s supply chain. We design logistic solutions for many industries.

As part of sea transport, we organize the import of goods from ports all over the world to Poland and from Poland to all continents.


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