OMEGA Pilzno Group

Consistent investments and systematic development led to the expansion of the offer and the formation of the company, which today belongs to the group of industry leaders. The fleet of nearly 700 vehicles, 8 logistics warehouses and over 1,500 employees is the result of continuous work, building long-term relationships with customers and adjusting activities to market needs.

  • 30 years of experience in the TSL industry
  • Ecological LNG transport
  • Fleet of over 700 own vehicles
  • Over 1,500 experienced employees
  • Over 190,000 m² of warehouse space

Our history

Establishment of the OMEGA Pilzno Company
Launch of the first truck service in Pilzno
Purchase of the 100th truck
Authorization of VOLVO service in Pilzno
Purchase of the PP PKS company in Rzeszów
Authorization of the MAN service center in Rzeszów
Opening of the first warehouse in Mokrzec
Establishment of a maritime logistics branch in Gdynia
Purchase of 500 trucks
Establishment of the Forwarding Department in Katowice
Opening of the second warehouse in Podgrodzie
Establishment of the Forwarding Department in Rzeszów
Opening of the Food Tanker Department in Krakow
Maritime Logistics Department opening in Warsaw
Establishment of the STC company, an authorized IVECO dealer and service center in Rzeszów
The fourth warehouse is put into service as part of the Logistics Park in Gdańsk
Opening of the second warehouse in Mokrzec
Creation of the development strategy of the OMEGA Group in Pilzno for the years 2019/2029
Purchase of 50 LNG tractors
Creation of an e-commerce warehouse in Rzeszów


Omega Pilzno is a dream which, thanks to the courage to take up challenges, persistent work, gathering experiences and drawing conclusions from them, took the image of a company that is today one of the national industry leaders

Over 30 years of Omega Pilzno is a story written with consistent, tireless work. The contrast between the company’s first vehicle – Kamaz box-type box and today’s trucks, using advanced technologies, best illustrates the path that the TSL industry has gone through at that time. The company’s history was also dictated by changes that people from our generation observed with their own eyes. Investments and risks taken in uncertain times, openness to new, previously unknown opportunities and threats related to Poland’s accession to the European Union, to a large extent shaped Omega Pilzno. Years later, we can say that, subjected to the most severe tests, we were able to skillfully recognize the needs and expectations of customers.

We make the right decisions, take advantage of development opportunities and build lasting business partnership relationships. When running a company in the TSL industry, you have to reject the comfort of using once developed solutions. Dynamically occurring changes in almost all areas of activity require continuous improvement of the processes used and the search for the most effective methods of handling various orders. We share our knowledge and experience by providing logistic services to the highest standard. Omega Pilzno’s offer includes both diversified road transport, carried out by over 700 vehicles, as well as sea transport and rental of warehouse space.

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