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Customs service

Customs procedures in the international supply chain

Customs services

Customs procedures in the international supply chain

As a logistics operator, we always try to serve our clients comprehensively. We offer customs services related to the international supply chain. We have the international AEOC certification, which confirms the exemplary cooperation with the customs administration and the highest level of service in the field of customs clearance. We carry out clearances in the following procedures: import, export and transit. We also offer a bonded warehouse in selected locations. This particular form of storage of non-Community goods offers a number of facilities.

By deciding to use a bonded warehouse, you gain the option of:

  • suspension of customs and tax duties for the period of storage of goods
  • release to trading in a convenient amount of goods use the transit function by re-exporting goods from third countries
  • storage of goods after other economic procedures.
Import clearance
Export clearance
Transit procedure
Customs warehouse
AEOC Certification

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