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Land transport as part of the New Silk Road

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By increasing the range of our FTL services, we are offering a delivery of products imported from China to Europe, as well as delivery of goods from Poland and other European countries to the Middle Kingdom. The transit time from Chinese border to UK is limited to 9 days.

  • Delivery time: 9-12 days*
  • Project coordinated by Chinese expert
  • Transport in the TIR system
  • Door-to- door delivery

*The given delivery time is possible thanks to the double crew of drivers on each route.

Main routes of transportation

The Khorgos land port, situated on the border with Kazakhstan, is a Central Asia’s largest logistic hub and part of the One Belt One Road Iniciative*, with huge warehousing, transshipment terminals and a special economic zone.

Comparison of modes of transport in terms of delivery time and costs

in terms of delivery time and costs
Air Delivery time Europe - China 4 -5 days Cost:
FTL Delivery time Europe - China 9 - 12 days Cost:
Rail Delivery time Europe - China 11 -14 days Cost:
Sea Delivery time Europe - China 40 days Cost:

Europe - China road transport potential


The flexibility of road transport, the achievable delivery time (9-12 days), combined with the effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has significantly limited availability and increased airline costs, encourage this solution.

  • High flexibility of FTL solutions compared to other modes of transport
  • Possible delivery time (9-12 days) puts road transport in a second place among the possible solutions, while generating costs on average level
  • As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, availability of air solutions has decreased significantly and the cost of air connections has increased. Also the cost of sea transport became much more expensive than and the availability of containers has decreased. In this circumstances, the choice of road transport on the China-Europe-China route becomes more competitive.

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