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The automotive industry is a demanding partner. For manufacturing companies in this industry, we carry out regular deliveries of goods from our warehouses or customer warehouses to production, while maintaining the highest KPIs. Just-in-time delivery of components to production lines is crucial in the logistics of the automotive industry, and each delay generates additional costs. The goods must arrive in perfect condition, which is subject to detailed quality control. The way the goods are arranged is important, and in the case of some semi-finished products, transport at a controlled temperature is required. Automotive customers benefit from the diversity of our fleet, choosing from kits, tarpaulins or refrigerators.

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Just-in-time deliveries

Quality control

Diverse fleet of vehicles

Experience in customer service in the automotive industry

Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight: 22 500 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

loading: rear

Standard trailer

Permissible load weight: 24 000 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

loading: side, rear, top

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