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Transport in the confectionery industry is significant for the maintenance of high food quality and in order to deliver it to customers on time. We accommodate customer expectations using our high-quality fleet of refrigeration trucks and tankers.

Many products in the confectionery industry require transport in specially-designed cooling vehicles, to maintain proper temperature and humidity values. Transport in controlled temperatures is absolutely necessary. Transport of semi-finished goods in controlled temperatures uses food-grade tank trucks and refrigeration trucks. We cooperate with Customers from across all of Poland and Europe, transporting for instance such goods as chocolate, cookies, candy, jellybeans and baked goods.

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  • Chocolate and chocolate products
  • Caramel candy
  • Small chocolates
  • Fudge
  • Powder candy
  • Jelly
  • Candied fruit
  • Eastern candy
  • Fat mass products
  • Pastries

Transport of ready goods and semi-finished products

Specialised fleet

Temperature control during transport

Certification confirming quality standards

Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight: 22 500 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

Loading: rear

Tank truck

Permissible load weight: 25 000 kg

Loading: top and bottom

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