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Carrying out transport for the metal industry, we cooperate with the largest steel mills in Poland and Europe. We deliver semi-finished products directly from production lines to clients from industrial sectors, incl. for construction sites or automotive plants. Timeliness of deliveries is of key importance in the logistics of the metal industry and guarantees the smooth production of our partners. Customers from the metal industry choose tilt trailers for the transport of heavy steel elements. Due to the weight of the transported goods, loading takes place from the top, with the help of a crane.

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Standard trailer

Permissible load weight: 24 000 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

Loading: side, rear, top

MAIN ADVANTAGES: The universal construction of the tarpaulin semi-trailer allows the transport of a wide range of goods.

CHARACTERISTICS: The standardization of the cargo space makes the tarpaulin semi-trailer the best solution for the transport of palletized loads – it holds 33 euro-pallets. However, it also allows for the safe transport of other goods, such as: tires, granules, paper bales or steel coils. It enables maximum use of space, easy planning of the sequence of loading and unloading and precise securing of goods. Durable and relatively light PVC tarpaulin protects the cargo against changing weather conditions. Standard tarpaulin semitrailer offers up to 24 tons of load capacity.

APPLICATION: Transport of palletized goods, packed in bulk and in bulk.

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