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Working with the textile industry, we transport goods from major European centers to local warehouses throughout Europe and further to points of sale for retail customers. We take care of the safety of your cargo and ensure timely deliveries to distribution centers. We give you the possibility of constant GPS monitoring.

Our own fleet of vehicles allows us to be flexible in the execution of orders and, in the case of long-term cooperation with the client, it allows us to guarantee the availability of the fleet and the implementation of fixings.

Due to the specificity of the cargo, the most popular choice for transporting clothing and other textiles is kits and tarpaulins.

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Timely deliveries to the sales network

Implementation of fix loads

Transport GPS monitoring

Diverse fleet of vehicles

Road train

Permissible load weight: 22 000 kg

Load capacity: 38 Euro pallets

Loading: side, rear, top

Standard trailer

Permissible load weight: 24 000 kg

Load capacity: 33 Europallets

Loading: side, rear, top

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