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Wine is a delicate product that is highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. It is thus very important to maintain closely controlled conditions when transporting it. Road transport in controlled temperatures in the wine industry is important to maintain wine quality and taste.

At OMEGA Pilzno Food Logistics, we guarantee proper conditions of transport, transporting wine in specially-prepared tank trucks that maintain tightly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Transport for this industry uses tanks that only transport juices, wine and glucose.

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Tank trucks adapted to Customer needs

Chambers calibrated for wine transport

Option of unloading to any type of storage container

Certification confirming quality standards

Tank truck

Permissible load weight:25 000 kg

Loading:top and bottom

MAIN ADVANTAGES: Stainless steel container equipped with modern transshipment equipment. Thanks to the heated outlet pipe, we are able to load without having to climb the truck. Thanks to efficient electric pumps, and the option of hooking up at pressures of up to 2 bar, we are able to unload at most facilities. We possess all connectors necessary for unloading

CHARACTERISTICS: The construction of the tanker uses austenitic steel resistant to chemicals, which guarantees the highest level of aseptic and corrosion resistance. Food cisterns are equipped with heated electric pumps, enabling independent unloading, and precise systems of flow measurement of the quantity of the product. The use of a built-in filter enables sterile loading and unloading. On the other hand, an independent heating system allows to maintain the required product temperatures during transport.

APPLICATION: Transport of liquid food products: oils, chocolate, butter, liqueurs, liquid sugar, fruit juices, concentrates, wines, milk, cream, whey and ingredients of carbonated drinks.

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