A fleet of vehicles with a reduced environmental impact

Ecological logistic solutions

At OMEGA Pilzno, we provide logistics solutions that support companies in the implementation of the sustainable development strategy. We are convinced that it positively translates into consumer confidence.

We also systematically monitor the main areas of our activity and its impact on the natural environment. We are constantly looking for solutions that will contribute to reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is worth to mention that 89% of our fleet fulfill EURO 6 standard.

  • We have one of the largest ecological fleet of LNG-powered trucks in Poland
  • We implement photovoltaic installations in our logistics facilities
  • We calculate the carbon footprint and analyze the impact of the implemented pro-ecological solutions.

LNG vs Diesel trucks

Comparison of the emission of harmful substances




Ecological Omega Pilzno Road Units


In order to provide our customers with the widest possible selection of “green” transport solutions, we added ecological truck sets to our offer. Attaching a semi-trailer with a reduced curb weight to a vehicle with an LNG engine and equipping the entire set with truck tires with optimized efficiency

fuel, allows for a significant reduction in combustion, which results in a noticeable reduction in emissions. Ecological sets are therefore vehicle sets consisting of gas-powered tractors and light semi-trailers, which are additionally equipped with tires with low rolling resistance.

Integrated Ecological Sets



LNG tractor + light semi-trailer

Tractor: powered by LNG gas

Trailer: relieved by 700 kg

Tires: with reduced rolling resistance

MAIN ADVANTAGES: Choosing an ecological kit allows to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere thanks to the reduced combustion, which manifests itself on two levels. The first is a simple correlation between the lower curb weight of the truck set and fuel consumption. The less the set weighs, the less LNG it will absorb. However, if the customer prefers to use the additional 700 kg for his goods, we will be able to transport goods of greater weight in one transport.

CHARACTERISTICS: It has the same transport properties as standard semi-trailers. The standardization of the cargo space makes the tarpaulin semi-trailer the best solution for the transport of palletized loads. However, it also allows for the safe transport of other goods, such as: tires, granules, paper bales or steel coils. It enables maximum use of space, easy planning of the sequence of loading and unloading, and precise securing of goods. Durable and relatively light PVC tarpaulin protects the cargo against changing weather conditions.

APPLICATION: Transport of palletized goods, bulk and bulk.


In the latest edition of the report you will learn:

  • In the latest edition of the report you will learn:
  • how general economic events in 2021 and 2022 influenced the approach to ecology in the TSL industry,
  • what actions OMEGA Pilzno has taken to reduce it’s carbon footprint.
  • what are the potential directions for the development of a pro-ecological strategy in transport and logistics, taking into account the development of technology in this area.


Najważniejsze cele strategii środowiskowej OMEGA Pilzno

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