Temperature-controlled transportation

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As a logistics operator, we provide comprehensive services in the field of temperature-controlled transportation.

From route planning, all the way to cargo security, up to delivery to the recipient, on the basis of thirty years of our experience in logistics, we will advise you on the most efficient solutions for your business.

We conduct controlled temperature logistics across Europe as well as domestically in Poland. We effectively manage a fleet of  200 refrigerator trucks and food-grade tank trucks.

We operate according to Food Safety rules. For food industry customers, we ensure HACCP-compliant transport as well as transport according to the rules of controlled temperature systems, thanks to which your products always remain fresh and high-quality.

Thanks to advanced telematics, we are able to trace truck locations, control temperature and humidity values and transfer full reports to our customers.

  • Transport of goods at a temperature-controlled conditions  by a modern refrigerated truck fleet.
  • Transport of liquid goods by a specialised fleet of food-grade tank trucks.
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions allowing the reduction of the carbon footprint across your supply chain.
  • Certification confirming top quality standards in food transport.
  • Refrigeration warehouses within the scope of Green Field-projects.

Modern refrigerated fleet

Timely deliveries

Temperature control during transport

Dedicated forwarder team

Our Fleet

Our fleet is composed of vehicles conforming to top standards of safety and environmental care. It includes over 700 vehicles with various types of trailers, including tarpaulins, refrigerators and tankers. We also operate 60 LNG tractors.

We have close to 200 refrigerated trailers, including environmentally-friendly units powered by solar panels. Within the scope of our refrigerated fleet, we offer:

  • standard refrigerated trailers,
  • double deck refrigerated trailers,
  • two-chamber refrigerated trailers,
  • hook refrigerated trailers
Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight: 22 500 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

Loading: rear

Tank truck

Permissible load weight: 25 000 kg

Loading: top and bottom


Holding such certifications as HACCP, ISO 22000 or IFS is a key component in controlled temperature transport. Thanks to this, we can guarantee to our Customers top quality and security. These certificates indicate our engagement in the assurance of top standards, translating into Customer trust. Hence, we continue to invest in the best practices and continuously expand our offer to be able to deliver even better services.

ISO 45001:2018


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 22000:2018






Environmentally-friendly logistics solutions

At OMEGA Pilzno we deliver logistics solutions to support companies in implementing their sustainable development strategies. We are convinced that this translates positively into consumer trust. We care for the environment and implement environmentally-friendly solutions in your supply chain.

We regularly replace our fleet with new vehicles. For controlled-temperature transport, we utilise environmentally-friendly cooling trucks, joining our solar-powered refrigerator trailers with LNG tractors.

We regularly replace our fleet with new ones. Currently, more than 90% of our vehicles meet the Euro 6 standard.

  • We calculate our carbon footprint and analyse the influence of the environmentally-friendly solutions we introduce.
  • Our fleet conforms to Euro 6 requirements.
  • We report goods transport CO2 reductions to our customers.
  • We continue to expand our eco-friendly truck fleet of LNG-powered tractors, creating ecological trucks with energy-saving refrigerated units.

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