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The transport of fruit and vegetables requires, above all, transport at a controlled temperature. Our refrigerated fleet consists of over 100 modern trailers. In each of the vehicles, we can adjust the transport conditions to the specificity of the selected fruit and vegetables. We also provide constant access to temperature monitoring. We have a special team of dispatchers dedicated to the refrigeration division, which constantly controls the time of cargo arrival for our clients. We collect goods from European producers and deliver them to recipients in the country, including retail chains all over Poland. We also carry out exports to European recipients. We provide all services in accordance with sanitary requirements, having appropriate certification.

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Modern refrigerated fleet

Timely deliveries

Temperature control in transport

Dedicated forwarders team

Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight: 22 500 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

Loading: rear

MAIN ADVANTAGES: Thermally insulated box equipped with a reliable cooling unit.

CHARACTERISTIC: Refrigerators come in many design variants, which allow for the transport of various goods in appropriately adapted thermal conditions. “Hakówki” are intended for the transport of hanging meat half-carcasses. On the other hand, two-chamber and two-bar buildings with a bulkhead wall enable the simultaneous transport of various products requiring different temperatures. As standard, the cold store can hold 33 euro pallets, but this number can be doubled by the use of a two-floor system, which works well for transporting goods with a lower weight. Standard refrigerated truck offers up to 22.5 tons of capacity.

APPLICATION: Transport of goods that require controlled temperature: meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, chocolate, flowers or deep-frozen goods.

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