transport intermodalny w polsce

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport - optimisation in supply chain

The intermodal transport market is growing steadily. Importers and exporters of goods are recognising the advantages of combining different modes of transport and using them to optimise their transport processes.

The most important advantages of using intermodal transport in the supply chain are as follows:

  • Increased transport efficiency

Intermodal transport allows goods to be moved in the most efficient way using different modes of transport. The provisions contained in the Regulation on the technical conditions of vehicles and the scope of their necessary equipment allow for the possibility of increasing GVWR when a truck is involved in an intermodal transport operation.

  • Reduction in transport costs

On certain routes, the price of transporting goods using intermodal transport can be lower than in traditional road transport. Price competitiveness increases here with distance.

  • Reduction in fuel consumption and carbon footprint

It can contribute to increased sustainability, because it reduces the environmental impact. As cargo is moved by different modes of transport, emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful chemicals can be reduced, helping to protect the environment.

  • Increase in transport safety

It ensures higher transport safety by combining several modes of transport into a single supply chain, providing higher predictability and regularity of journeys than single road transport. The use of a single transport unit for the entire delivery route results in the absence of the need for multiple transhipments, ensuring timeliness and minimising the risk of damage to goods. In addition, the use of a single transport container or semi-trailer protects goods from theft and damage during transhipment, helping to reduce the risk of loss of goods during transport.

Our offer

Omega Pilzno offers comprehensive intermodal transport solutions which include rail transport, sea transport, transport of semi-trailers with goods by rail or combining sea transport of containers with their transport by road.

We offer intermodal transport of sea containers which are placed on rail platforms.

We also use pocket wagons which allow entire semi-trailers to be transported by rail.


Key advantages of intermodal transport:

  • It can be very cost-competitive – reducing costs by up to half on certain routes
  • It is environmentally friendly – promotes low CO2 emissions
  • It allows 26 tonnes to be transported in a single container – a good solution for transporting heavy goods
  • It reduces the risk of theft and break-ins into the load compartment

Sustainable transport

Fuel savings

Increased transport capacity

Reduced costs

Comprehensive container service - customs clearance, storage, transport

At Omega Pilzno, thanks to our logistics centre in Gdańsk, we are able to provide a complete service for the transport of containerised goods from DCT and GCT ports to destinations all over Poland.

Our customs agency in Pomerania allows us, in addition to the transport of full container loads, to carry out all customs procedures for goods imported from all over the world, including the storage of goods in a bonded store in our warehouses.

Furthermore, as a comprehensive logistics operator, we assist in the organisation of intermodal transport from ports throughout Europe.

Our warehouse in Gdańsk is located 4 km from DCT Gdańsk and 15 km from the airport. This attractive location guarantees an efficient logistic service for deliveries on the domestic as well as the international market.

This facility is part of Omega Pilzno Logistics’ broader activities in Pomerania related to maritime logistics services. Thanks to the presence of a bonded store and a recognised location, our offer has been supplemented with logistics solutions for the international circulation of goods.

Transport of full container loads

Transport of less than container loads

Customs clearance in import, export and transit procedures

Cross-docking warehouse solutions

Handling of goods using bonded store

Transport of semi-trailers by rail

Transporting semi-trailers by rail is a topic that has been growing in popularity in recent years. This solution uses special pocket wagons that are able to transport semi-trailers along with their cargo.

Such pocket wagons are equipped with ramps that allow semi-trailers to be loaded and unloaded directly from the wagons. It is worth adding that not all semi-trailers are suitable for transport on such a wagon. They are usually required to be equipped with special features, such as lashing points, which allow them to be transported safely on the wagon.

At Omega Pilzno, we are developing this type of transport in Western Europe, starting the journey with cargo already in Poznań. Goods transported in this way can be delivered to France, Benelux, Luxembourg and Spain. Transport using pocket wagons is possible thanks to a wide network of transhipment terminals throughout Europe.

Rail transport is usually more environmentally friendly. When transporting large loads over long distances, it can also be more economical, as the cost per tonne of freight is usually lower than for road transport.

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