Logistyka dla sklepów internetowych
Logistyka dla sklepów internetowych


Dedicated warehouse logistics

E-commerce support

We will choose solutions tailored to your online store from the full offer.

Logistics from the producer

Delivery of goods to the warehouse

We offer transport of goods from the producer to the warehouse. We can organize transport by land and sea from all over the world to Poland, to the indicated warehouse.

Customs service

We offer customs clearance for imported goods, preparation of customs documentation, calculation of customs and tax duties, the imposition and removal of customs seals, and thus enabling the goods to be traded in our country.

Storage of goods

We have five A-class high-bay warehouses. Flexibility and the ability to regulate storage conditions open our offer to goods of almost every industry, including food products. We have the option of separating the warehouse space for the customer, as well as adjusting the rack storage systems to specific needs.

Delivery service

We offer service of delivery of goods to the warehouse. This process includes: disassembly of goods, palletization of goods, acceptance of pallets or containers, and labeling of goods.

Quality control

We provide a product quality control service according to previously agreed specifications and procedures. This will allow you to maintain the highest standards and ensure a high rating of your products among users.

Picking and packing

We make them according to the guidelines agreed with the client. At this stage, it is also possible to provide numerous additional services, such as adding inserts, occasional gifts, personalization of the shipment etc.

Shipment of goods and handling returns

Shipment to the end customer

We ship the goods directly to your customer or other designated location in Poland or abroad. We have the ability to ship via most of the available operators.

Handling returns

We offer handling of returns according to the customer’s guidelines along with a written report on each event.

Products disposal

We provide you with the disposal of incomplete products, packaging and other waste. We can carry out disposal directly from the warehouse. We prepare a utilization protocol in accordance with legal requirements.

Why us?

Individual model of cooperation

We have five A-class high-bay warehouses. The possibility of regulating the storage conditions opens our offer to almost every industry, including food products. We have the option of separating a warehouse space.

Costs and implementation time optimalization

Thanks to multi-user solutions (resource sharing), we optimize the costs of our services. Thanks to the knowledge of individual stages of the logistics process, it is possible to minimize the time of handling individual activities.

A wide package of additional services (value added services)

We can configure numerous additional services that may translate into increased customer satisfaction in your store. We implement, among others inserting additional materials, adding freebies, personalized prints and many more.

Easy integration with e-commerce platform and ERP systems

We have ready-made solutions that integrate with a number of popular e-commerce platforms: Magento, IdoSell, Woocommerce, Shoper, Shoplo, Presta and many others. We also combine warehouse operations with ERP systems and the client’s accounting systems.

Transparency of the process for the client thanks to system integration

The integration of the WMS warehouse system with the e-commerce platform allows you to view the status of order fulfillment in real time. You have one control panel for all order streams.

Shipment monitoring from start to finish

You have the ability to monitor the shipment from the moment it leaves the warehouse until it is delivered to the end customer. The automatic notification system significantly reduces the burden on the Customer Service Center.

Integration with the majority of courier and postal companies

We provide integration with the major part of carriers responsible for the last mile. This allows you to optimize delivery costs. In addition, you save the time needed to add new delivery channels to the customer.

Change from fixed to variable costs

Your fixed costs, such as wages, warehouse maintenance, etc., are converted into variable costs based on sales. The amount of costs incurred is proportional to sales.

One invoice

The customer will receive one collective invoice for all operations, regardless of the selected stages of the e-commerce support process.

We offer services ranging from one-off shipments to comprehensive solutions for your logistics.

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