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As part of the logistics service for the packaging industry, we cooperate with manufacturers of glass, metal and plastic packaging. We provide our services comprehensively, often carrying out both transport and warehouse services, thanks to which our clients optimize logistics processes. We transport goods from warehouses directly to production lines, where the packaging is used. Packaging companies are pioneers of ecological solutions in the supply chain. Our clients often decide on ecological sets with LNG tractors and a unloaded semi-trailer. This solution contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Tandem trailers are also often chosen, due to the possibility of loading more palletized goods.

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Ecological solutions in the supply chain

Diverse fleet of vehicles

Comprehensive service

Optimization of logistics processes

Road train

Permissible load weight: 24 000 kg

Load capacity: 38 Euro pallets

loading: side, rear, top

Tarp trailer

Permissible load weight: 24 000 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

loading: side, rear, top

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