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The demand for frozen goods is always increasing. The core is made up of single-type products, vegetable mixes, soups and vegetable-based ready meals. We see an increase in demand for controlled-temperature road transport in this industry. The transport of frozen goods under suitable conditions plays an important role in the assurance of product quality when delivering to end customers, such as stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and processing facilities. Frozen goods are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, it is thus important to maintain closely controlled conditions during transport.

For security, OMEGA Pilzno Food Logistics transports frozen goods according to food transport regulations. We utilise refrigeration trucks for such transport. Our fleet includes close to 200 refrigeration units, thanks to which we can deliver your cargo on time.

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  • Single-type products
  • Vegetable mixes
  • Soups and ready meals

Transport in controlled temperatures

Timely deliveries

Monitoring of transport of your goods

Certification confirming quality standards

Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight:22 500 kg

Load capacity:33 Euro pallets


MAIN ADVANTAGES: Thermally insulated box equipped with a reliable refrigeration unit.

CHARACTERISTICS: Refrigerators are available in many design variants, which allow for the transport of various goods in appropriately adapted thermal conditions. “Hakówki” are intended for the transport of hanging meat half-carcasses. On the other hand, two-chamber and two-bar buildings with a bulkhead wall enable the simultaneous transport of various products that require different temperatures. As standard, the refrigerated truck holds 33 euro pallets, but this number can be doubled by the use of a two-floor system, which works well when transporting goods with a lower weight. Standard refrigerated truck offers up to 22.5 tons of capacity.

APPLICATION: Transport of goods that require controlled temperature: meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, chocolate, flowers or deep-frozen goods.

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