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Transport in the milk industry is of high significance to deliver milk and milk products to warehouses and end customers. In order to maintain high milk quality, it has to be transported in specially-adapted refrigerated vehicles that maintain required temperatures. We also operate twin-chamber cooling trucks that allow for the transport in different temperatures, depending on the characteristics of the goods.

OMEGA Pilzno Food Logistics operates a fleet of close to 200 refrigeration trailers and a range of tank trucks to deliver food products across all of Poland and Europe. Our tank trucks are ATP-certified for perishable goods, are insulated and allow the maintenance of the temperature at loading.

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  • Milk
  • Curd cheese (white cheese, cottage cheese, homogenised cheese)
  • Hard cheese
  • Milk drinks (cocktails)
  • Fermented milk drinks (set milk, buttermilk, yoghurt)

Transport in controlled temperatures

Refrigeration trucks and tank trucks adapted to customer needs

Option of unloading to any type of storage container

Certification confirming quality standards

Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight: 22 500 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

Loading: rear

Tank truck

Permissible load weight: 25 000 kg

Loading: top and bottom

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