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Transport in controlled temperatures for retail chains plays an important role in the assurance of quality of food products such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, fruit and vegetables, when delivering to stores. These products are sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity and the influence of other factors such as e. g. oxygen and light; it is hence important to maintain closely controlled conditions during transport.

At OMEGA Pilzno Food Logistics, the products are transported in line with food transport regulations, conforming to top quality standards. This is confirmed by relevant certifications, e. g. HACCP. The timely delivery of products is key to maintain high in-store product quality and freshness, hence, transport must be planned and conducted in line with the needs of the retail chain.

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Delivery timeliness

Certification confirming quality standards

Experienced forwarder team

Monitoring of transport of your goods

Refrigerated trailer

Permissible load weight: 22 500 kg

Load capacity: 33 Euro pallets

Loading: rear

Tank truck

Permissible load weight: 25 000 kg

Loading: top and bottom

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